Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's set up, reservations made, babysitter arranged. My hubtard and I are going on our first alone vacation since Baby J was born almost 6 yrs ago. We are headed off to Anchorage.

I lived in the area when I was 9-11 yrs old and have only been back for brief visits since. I am really looking forward to eating at Benihana and shopping at Fantastic Fibers (rav link).

Outside of that I don't really know what else we'll be doing while we are down there. We are headed down Feb 11 and coming back on Valentine's Day.
If you're in Anchor town, leave me a comment and let me know what awesome things are going down that weekend.

The pictures I promised will have to wait, it is 15 below zero out there and the light still sucks.


Darcie said...

Now it is my turn to be jealous! I am still waiting for my honeymoon since baby number one decided to come along so fast. That was almost 11 years ago.

Mama's Magick said...

We didn't get a honeymoon, we had a shotgun wedding thanks to 9-11.