Monday, December 15, 2008


So, it turns out I didn't felt the Malabrigo to bad at all. And now it is becoming mittens. Really need to steal those batteries so I can post pictures.
Yesterday our family spent the day baking cookies at a friends house. Yummm, Christmas cookies can only truly be enjoyed at 15 below zero. The kids had a blast running around on Danielle's hardwood floors and I had a blast making fun of her hangover! Oh yeah, and we made the cookies in North Pole AK. How frikken great is it that my kids get to make christmas cookies in Santa's hometown.
Yeah, thats all I got right now. Mittens Mittens Malabrigo and Cookies, oh my.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Something I forgot to put in my last post

I home dyed some MMMMMMMMMalibrigo yarn yesterday and it FELTED!
Shite, oh frikken well, it isn't Completely felted, so I suppose I will make slippers, mind you, not what I wanted to make, but now I get to see what FELTED Malibrigo feels like.

Holiday Knitting

I have thrown in the towel on my holiday knitting. Those people that were getting socks are now getting something felted, probably mittens. Grrrrr, I am more than a little bit upset I let myself get so far in the hole on my list but anywhoot here is the darned list- (posting it here will make me more accountable, right? )

Mom- Dishrags
St. Dad- Felted mittens
Sandy- either mittens or a hat, I haven't decided yet
Dad-coffee cups and matching washcloths
Tony-felted slippers
Andrea-Hat, scarf and bag- all finished!
Dan-Felted Mittens
Liz- Hat, shirt(iron on transfer)-also finished!
Babies- no sew fleece blankies-Done!

So as you can see I have like, ummm, half my list to do!
Must go knit
Must not cast on anything unrelated to list

Pssshaw, like that is going to happen.
No sew fleece blankies for everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yesterday I took Dot to the pound. I know, awfull pet owner, but, really I have good cause. That evil little bitch chewed on my Ashford spindle. Yep, and that was just the straw that broke the very patient camel's back. I let that cat own my husband and hate me and my children for two and a half years. I should have taken her to the humane shelter in GA when I found her on the sidewalk outside that laundry mat. Really I am heartbroken. She was the coolest cat, however, I could not excuse the chewing and shitting on the rug in the bathroom.

Anywhoot, in knitting news, I am working on some felted mittens for a friend and they are working up wicked fast. find the pattern here
I will post pictures after I rob some batteries from my daughter video game for the camera.