Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colours from Chaos: First giveaway

Colours from Chaos: First giveaway

Shawls and such

Lately I have been knitting a lot of hats, as they are a practical object that gets used everyday. Lately though I have been lusting after lace. One of the new shawl patterns that has caught my eye is Luiza. The designer is even doing a give away on her blog for the pattern.
Oh pretty pretty lace, yarn that I have spun waiting ever so patiently for a project just like you. Hopefully I will win her giveaway, but, even if I don't that pattern will be mine before the end of the month.

What projects are you lusting after? Lace, cables, baby booties?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The spinning bug has bitten me again. After a long hiatus, thanks largely in part to the cat who chewed up my spindle, I am back to spinning. I replaced the spindle and bought some fabulous superwash merino top from A Weavers Yarn. My favorite fiber store, truth be told it's the only one I've been to.

Susan and Martin, the owners, are the most helpful people around. They opened up the shop on a sunday so I could shop without kids. I tried to make it quick so as not to be a nuisance, but, with all the pretty things it was a very hard endeavor. I bought 8 oz. of superwash merino, 1 oz. of cashmere and a sample of 80/20 Bison/Alpaca. Non-fiber items I purchased include a small Ashford Spindle and a 12 dent reed for my Schact loom. I still have to alter the reed as my loom is not a standard size, but, luckily the spindle came ready to use. ;p

I could not say enough wonderful things about these two, so I will leave it here for today so I don't bore you. All in all a fabulous shopping experience.

Where is your favorite store to shop, fiber or non-fiber (i.e. clothing, grocery ect...)???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's set up, reservations made, babysitter arranged. My hubtard and I are going on our first alone vacation since Baby J was born almost 6 yrs ago. We are headed off to Anchorage.

I lived in the area when I was 9-11 yrs old and have only been back for brief visits since. I am really looking forward to eating at Benihana and shopping at Fantastic Fibers (rav link).

Outside of that I don't really know what else we'll be doing while we are down there. We are headed down Feb 11 and coming back on Valentine's Day.
If you're in Anchor town, leave me a comment and let me know what awesome things are going down that weekend.

The pictures I promised will have to wait, it is 15 below zero out there and the light still sucks.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wool Hats and Handspun

I especially enjoy knitting hats, top down, bottom up and sideways.

Hats are eminently useful. Here in the great white north (to be known in the future as GWN). They keep your head and ears warm and show off the beautiful yarn at all times. I recently knit one out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Medium weight, I believe the colorway was Walking on the Wild Tide. In plain stockinette the colors just look fabulous. I wore it to drop my daughter of at school today and got a wonderful compliment from one of the other moms.

So in light of these compliments I am working on another hat-Selbu Modern- out of some gorgeous blue and green handspun from Kate,( you can see her gorgeous work here), this is a picture of the sweater she knit with the same yarn.

My own pictures will be coming soon, maybe tommorrow afternoon if we get some good light for picture taking.

In the mean time, what are you knitting? What do you knit most of?

Dear Blog

I missed you.
Be Back Soon.