Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The spinning bug has bitten me again. After a long hiatus, thanks largely in part to the cat who chewed up my spindle, I am back to spinning. I replaced the spindle and bought some fabulous superwash merino top from A Weavers Yarn. My favorite fiber store, truth be told it's the only one I've been to.

Susan and Martin, the owners, are the most helpful people around. They opened up the shop on a sunday so I could shop without kids. I tried to make it quick so as not to be a nuisance, but, with all the pretty things it was a very hard endeavor. I bought 8 oz. of superwash merino, 1 oz. of cashmere and a sample of 80/20 Bison/Alpaca. Non-fiber items I purchased include a small Ashford Spindle and a 12 dent reed for my Schact loom. I still have to alter the reed as my loom is not a standard size, but, luckily the spindle came ready to use. ;p

I could not say enough wonderful things about these two, so I will leave it here for today so I don't bore you. All in all a fabulous shopping experience.

Where is your favorite store to shop, fiber or non-fiber (i.e. clothing, grocery ect...)???


Brenda said...

Hey, guess what, I'm reading your blog.
I'm in Southern California, so can't compete with tales of bad weather. However I grew up in Montreal so I know what you're talking about.
My fave store to browse in is definitely a yarn store, but I also love grocery stores in foreign countries. They are so interesting and different.

Anonymous said...

What part of so cal are you in? Thats where my in-laws are(thankfully). I haven't done much international traveling but I do love asian markets for browsing.

Darcie said...

I think Nintendos must have been invented by a mother who had to take her kids when she wanted to shop for fibre. My LYS (Golden Willow Natural Fibre - love it, love, love it) has some lovely comfy couches and more often than not some snacks out. Even my son doesnt complain TOO much when he has to come along.