Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Thaw

Well I haven't been around lately and I will explain why shortly, not that I think anyone is really reading this yet so......
Fairbanks is finally starting to thaw out so I have been taking the kids outside to play quite a bit and besides some mud on the floors I think I am enjoying their outside time more than they are. Being my childrens are 4 and 2 yrs old I still have to go outside with them and have been getting quite a bit of knitting done while they are splashing in puddles and throwing rocks at each other.
Last month I got to experience to joy of having my gallbladder removed and the only interesting thing I have to say about that whole ordeal involves lots of Percocet. Not really ready to go there though.
Also have decided to homeschool Baby J for Kinnygarden and looking forward to the curriculum fair going on next week. I can't wait to get some work books and start schoolin her. No one in my family is really supportive but seeing as they are all certifiably insane, I have decided to ignore them until the bring me a clean bill of mental health from a PHD.
That's all for now, be back whenever.
ETA My two year old boy made me hug and kiss his potato chip before he would take a nap, crazy must just run in the family.

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